We study your drawing for the presence of Geopathic Stress if any and mark the lines or crossings inside your house/office in your drawing itself.

We study the available overall Cosmic Energy levels in the House/Office and in each and every room of your house/office and mark the same in numerical terms in the drawing itself.

We study the Karmic Balance and Spiritual balance of the person as on date and mention the same in our report. Good Karmic enhancement remedies if required will also be mentioned therein.

We mark the positions in the drawing where the remedial gadgets are required to be placed in the house/office.

Our recommendation sheet along with your Drawing with our markings will be sent back to you by E mail within 24 Hours of receipt of your payment and drawing.

We also send you a cost estimate sheet for the rectification gadgets with courier charges for reaching the same to your doorsteps by UPS courier.

Should you decide to carry out the recommendations , you may send the payment thro PAYPAL and the products will be sent to you within 24 Hours of receipt of the payment.

You can install the gadgets yourself in minutes as indicated in the drawing sent to you and start enjoying the rejuvenated environment around you.

Before you start using our recommended remedy gadgets, few tips for its effectiveness.

It is only developing a positive thinking and an optimistic approach to Life, that will work wonders for you! There is a long history of skeptics and pessimists suffering all through their life, because of their easiest approach to life viz. not believing in anything, be it science or occult…..because the easiest and simplest act in the world is not to use one's common sense or strain the brain and simply say NO to everything . The skeptics and the negatives like it that way! Unfortunately the entire family of a skeptic suffers, if the family head happens to be a skeptic and infested with negativity . Beware!

“Skepticism and negativity are born out of misplaced arrogance and most of the times out of intellectual arrogance and a meaningless wealth” … said a great Tamil Saint thousands of years back.