This is caused on account of non compliance to the Natural laws of harnessing the Cosmic Energy and Natural Energy , in building your structures. These laws are also enshrined in the ancient scriptures like Indian Vastu Shastra and Chinese Feng Shui for compliance and happy living.

Persons living in such energy imbalanced houses / structures are subjected to various problems such as failures in family life, failures in business, unhappiness, health problems and a host of other undesirable happenings.

Presence of Positive Energy in your working place is a primary requisite for the success of your business or any ventures. Successful Business houses do business in a very positive ambience. We can help you to create total positive ambience in your office/home/shop/factory in minutes!

Our scientific research on this subject has clearly thrown up enormous findings clearly establishing a relationship between ionization theory and energy levels of a structure. Those interested can contact us to learn more on this. View: for more information.

  We have successfully developed non invasive and high positive energy generating Gadgets which can completely correct the imbalance in energy levels and make a place vibrant with positive energy and perfectly livable, in minutes !