This subject may not be sounding scientific but there is definitely no denial about the part played by Karmic Justice and Karmic Rewards , independent of whether one believes in it or not! It does its work continuously and meticulously! Whether one likes it not ! This is how we explain the many good or bad happenings in one's life , which cannot be interpreted scientifically.

Every religion in the world preaches practicing of good Karma for a Happy Living in this World. Every action, be it good or bad is accounted for by the Universe and the rewards in the form of happiness or suffering is handed out with great precision.

This is fair, we should be held accountable for cheating, lying, thieving, jealousy, lust, etc., .and rewarded for our benevolent acts in life time. Our thoughts and deeds have not gone unnoticed by the Universe. There must be some type of accounting system, surely there is a check and balance in place. But who is keeping score? Undoubtedly this accounting is done by God of Justice.


We have developed a fool proof mechanism to find out the Karmic balance, a person enjoys at any point of time and suggest very easy and practical remedial measures to enhance the Karmic Balance to enjoy a Problem free and a Happy Living…….thanks to the extraordinary ESP prowess of Dr. Krishnamurthy Kannan.